Top radar/electronic warfare stories of 2017

Radar and electronic warfare (EW) stories continue to be a hot topic. In 2017, contributors covered topics such as software-defined radio (SDR) in the realm of radars as well as choosing the right tool for the job. In the same year, we saw the the challenges of designing more complex systems to address new threats and how a “combo of advanced signal processing, intelligent algorithms, and machine learning techniques are being developed to help warfighters detect and counter them” in the story titled Cognitive electronic warfare: Countering threats posed by adaptive radars.

Top 10 stories published in 2017:

  1. Radar cross section: The measure of stealth
  2. Cognitive electronic warfare: Countering threats posed by adaptive radars
  3. Electronic warfare and FPGAs: The need for speed
  4. Low-latency processing, open architectures key for smarter radar/EW systems
  5. RF and microwave technology enabling multimission unmanned systems
  6. Paradigm shifts underway for electromagnetic spectrum dominance
  7. The evolving role of GPGPUs in critical military intelligence
  8. Covering the spectrum: Meeting the challenge of electromagnetic spectrum domination
  9. The emergence of software-defined radar technology
  10. Building highly parallel rugged computers for electronic warfare