Freedom-variant LCS vessels to receive Airbus Defense and Space TRS-4D radars

HERNDON, Va. The U.S. Navy's Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) will receive the TRS-4D naval radar from Airbus Defense and Space, Inc., who is under contract with its affiliate, Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security GmbH.

have been aboard since the program's inception, with the TRS-4D's predecessor, the AN/SPS-75 radar, going aboard each LCS from LCS-1 through LCS-15. A factory acceptance test was recently completed for the radar planned to go aboard LCS-21. This follows the already planned installations of TRS-4D aboard LCS-17 and LCS-19.

Officials say, the TRS-4D radar is a rotating version of the Active Electronically Scanned Array () fixed panel TRS-4D radar currently going aboard the German F-125 class frigates. It combines mechanical and electronic azimuth scanning to achieve fast generation of target tracks.

The TRS-4D radar has the performance of AESA technology and supports the LCS evolution to a frigate. It meets current and future threats, as well as can readily be adapted to change over the service life of the ship, says Mike Cosentino, President of Airbus Defense and Space, Inc.

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