Top 10 radar/electronic warfare stories of 2018

The top radar/electronic warfare (EW) stories of 2018 covered the Xilinx RFSoC, technology, challenges, autonomous radar and EW platforms, and more. Check them out below.

    1. The path to smarter, autonomous radar and EW platforms
    2. UAS SWaP constraints driving RF and microwave designs
    3. Long-range bombers and the kill web
    4. RF spectrum sharing between U.S. military, public wireless users to be put to the test
    5. Using thermofluid simulation to optimize liquid cooling of avionics power systems
    6. Podcast: RFSoC enabling radar/electronic warfare systems
    7. Layered counter-drone approaches are essential for deployed U.S. forces
    8. New open standards drive military software radio architectures
    9. Miniaturizing electronic warfare microelectronics to advance precision-guided weapon technologies
    10. Augmented vision: Fusing radars and cameras for improved situational awareness


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