Defense Mission Success with Rugged SWAP-Optimized Cobalt(tm)

Hughes and Intelligence Systems (DISD) perfected its () communications technology with the Modem, designed with specialized waveform enhancements for secure BLoS connectivity and high-speed data transfers even when transmitting through a military helicopter’s rotating blades. What was required to finish this vitally needed MILSATCOM design was a highly ruggedized, size, weight and power-optimized computing platform that could withstand the rigors of mobile defense deployments. The met their reliability requirements for a platform used in harsh environments. Highlighting its breakthrough design, the HM200 Modem was recently selected by the () for the 2017 Top Aeronautical Mobility Innovation Award.

Read the application story about what went into the design of the Hughes HM200 satellite modem to learn how their rugged reliability requirements are met with the Kontron COBALT:
· Streamlined development – COBALT is a modular building block enabling Hughes to facilitate design of future standards-based applications – all from a single platform that enables the use and reuse of low power, proven designs
· Meets military requirements – As a standardized -based sealed and IP67 validated platform, COBALT delivers a wide selection of feature options
· Small and low power – Provides a fully optimized solution that meets both increased performance and reduced Size, Weight and Power () needs