StarVX -- A generic scalable computer architecture

Kontron's StarVX is a High Performance Embedded Computer (HPEC) system that brings supercomputing I/O bandwidth and performance, previously only achieved in IT datacenters, to the harsh military environment.

Based only on mainstream IT technology (TCP/IP, PCIe, Intel® Processors) for greater platform support and assured longevity, the 3U VPX-based Kontron StarVX enables military systems developers to drastically reduce the process from design to field deployment of radar, sonar, autonomous vehicles and other 3D reconstruction-based systems.

The StarVX allows multiple computer profiles and skins, and its open standards extend the flexibility and scalability to add other products that are necessary for the application or take advantage of upgrading to the latest CPU technology. It provides a competitive advantage that enables designers to quickly develop PoC prototypes so they can demonstrate their application.