Overview of Tests on Radar Systems and Components

The scope of the subject "" has expanded in the recent years in terms of its technical evolution and spreading of applications. Main causes are that CAD / CAE tools are enabling a quicker and more predictable design and that highly integrated signals processors and post processing units are available for applications not possible at a nominal budget in the past.

Related improvement in test and measurement devices prompted an update of the former R&S radar Overview application note 1MA127, which has been separated into two documents. The 1MA207 "White Paper" describes the general topics, not related to the R&S product portfolio. This Application Note at hand is supplementary to the "White Paper".

The structure of this document now more directly addresses the target groups. (FM-CW) radar engineers most likely are interested in different topics compared to engineers from the community, i.e. issues related to pulse generation and evaluation. Hence, A&D subjects are organized into the main chapter "Aerospace and Defense Applications", while automotive topics are assembled in the appropriate "Automotive" chapter. Subjects not fitting into any of these categories or which are important for both can be found in chapter "Special radar measurements".

Using this structure in conjunction with the complementing white paper, we hope to provide information on radar – T&M in condensed and well organized form to the main target groups.

This application note closes with a short overview of core radar-related products from Rohde & Schwarz and a classification of our large radar T&M product portfolio.

Topics covered in this article