Readiness Level Measures Boosted by COTS Computers

As much as the engineers might want to build systems themselves from the ground up, the exigencies of the marketplace dictate otherwise. Those who take their time and reinvent wheels are those who watch as others capture market share with more efficient product launches.

Two measures of maturity technology readiness level (TRL) and manufacturing readiness level (MRL) can be used to advantage by the systems developer to reduce its time to market with new products. This, in turn, improves the system developer’s position in the value chain of the platform contractor, making the system developer that much more competitive in the marketplace. In addition, the use of these metrics can reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs to the system developer to improve the profitability of the delivered system.

This white paper examines how a system developer can leverage the concepts of TRL and MRL to gain market advantage at the least overhead cost.