Mastering Complexity in Aerospace & Defense

Developing high-quality, successful Aerospace & Defense products and programs – on time and within budget – has always been a tremendous challenge for organizations serving the A&D industry. Yet today, due to the economic downturn, globalization, product sophistication, and the emergence of powerful new technologies, the level of complexity in A&D product development is becoming mind-boggling.

A&D companies are up against a number of obstacles, including complex products, design and supplier networks. This multi-faceted, highly complex environment frames the challenges that A&D organizations now face in having to meet enhanced performance and sustainment requirements on-budget and on-schedule. How are top A&D companies responding to this complexity?

Included in this brief is an overview of the many issues facing A&D today, along with a set of best practices that are now working for many of the leaders in the global A&D market. These best practices can help other A&D leaders and managers as they form their product development initiatives going forward.