What They Didn't Teach You in Engineering School About Heat Transfer

Until recently, the commercial software available for typically has been geared towards specialists, limiting its widespread use. Besides being expensive, these tools have either been difficult, cumbersome or time-consuming to use. As a result, engineering analysis for applications such as traditionally have been carried out by specialists in analysis departments, separate from mainstream design and development departments.

To test or verify their designs, mechanical engineers therefore had to rely on creating physical prototypes and testing them on a test rig. But this labor-intensive approach often to incomplete results, limited to readings at discrete locations, making it difficult to thoroughly understand and characterize the underlying thermal behavior. Fortunately, new tools have emerged that embed a complete range of flow analyses including heat transfer within mainstream toolsets.

Find out what they didn’t teach you in engineering school about heat transfer. CFD is no longer relegated to the realm of a specialist…

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