Integrating System and Software Engineering for Certifiable Avionics Applications

This presentation introduces a solution, based on standards, for system modeling and on the renowned ® product from for the development of certified software components. This solution, named System™, allows system and software engineers to work with the right formalism for their respective domains, but improve cooperation because of:

• A unified tool framework, allowing technology sharing for API based scripts for e.g. cross verifications between System and Software models,
• The same requirements traceability and documentation generation tools,
• A synchronization mechanism for the data that are at the frontier between the two engineering domains.

This solution can be the basis to develop systems that have to adhere to both functional standards, such as () or () and certification standards (Systems), DO-178B (Software), or DO-297 (IMA).

The presentation details, in particular, how this solution can be applied in the system and software engineering processes evolving in parallel in industrial projects, and how the work in the system and software engineering can be synchronized.