Enabling High-Speed Data Rates in Connectors for Aerospace and Defense Applications

High speed is a relative term used within the interconnect industry. High-speed electronic circuits must respond to fast input signals. A measure of the ability of a circuit to respond to fast input signals is known as an edge rate or rise time. When this time is 500 picoseconds or less, a high-speed connector is required. The progressive advancements in electronic technology drive the data rate of the signals which pass through connectors and have been steadily increasing. To function properly in systems operating at higher speeds, the connectors and the layouts of the connector footprints on the circuit boards must be carefully designed with specific emphasis on the high-speed electrical performance. Ideally the connector should be "invisible" in the system; hence, the integrity of the electrical signal as it passes through the interconnect and the interconnect footprint must be maintained.

Connectors that have been designed in this manner are often referred to as high-speed connectors. Read this white paper to learn how TE Connectivity provided its customers connectors that support their data rate requirements.