Military Embedded Systems


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Military Embedded Systems

White Papers

White Paper: Software Defined Radio Handbook (Ninth edition)

Roger H. Hosking Pentek, Inc.

SDR has revolutionized electronic systems for a variety of applications including communications, data acquisition, and signal processing. This handbook shows how DDCs and DUCs, the fundamental building blocks of SDR, can replace conventional analog receiver designs, offering significant benefits in performance, density and cost and much more...

White Paper: Design Approaches Impact GPGPU Implementation

Peter Thompson GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

The right choice for a GPGPU platform depends on several factors. Two approaches can be taken when implementing a GPGPU design: chip-down and mezzanine. GE Intelligent Platforms supports both design methods, allowing customers to choose the right approach for their program, including getting started with software design and system validation using early-access GPUs on MXMs, then migrating to chip-down designs later in the cycle when the program goes to production.

White Paper: COTS-Based Computer Systems Reduce Risks to System Developers

GE Intelligent Platforms

The development of a new computing system for a military and aerospace application is fraught with risks that could extend product time to market, drive up costs, or even derail the program altogether. This white paper explores many of the avenues by which risk can enter a system development project, and how a standard COTS-based computer system can be used to advantage to reduce or even eliminate many potential risk issues.