Military Embedded Systems


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Military Embedded Systems

White Papers

White Paper: GPUDirect RDMA

Dustin Franklin GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

GPUDirect support for RDMA provides low latency interconnectivity between NVIDIA GPUs and various networking, storage, & FPGA devices. This white paper will include how CUDA 5 technology increases GPU autonomy and promotes multi-GPU topologies with high GPU-to-CPU ratios. In addition to improved bandwidth and latency, the resulting increase in GFLOPS/watt poses a significant impact to both HPC & embedded applications. We will dig into scalable PCIe switch hierarchies, as well as software infrastructure to manage device interoperability & GPUDirect streaming.

White Paper: Introduction to VPX Systems

McAfee, Inc.

VITA 46, 48, and 65: The Next Generation VME system replacement. VITA 46 is the VPX base electrical and mechanical specification. VITA 48 is the VPX REDI cooling spec. VITA 65 is Open VPX. Open VPX was the industry's attempt to bring order to chaos. Open VPX methodically defines a system of profiles that would fully explain the interactions between the backplane and plug-in modules. The profiles are the physical mapping of resources in the system. This information can then be used to determine compatibility.

White Paper: Characterisation of Boundary Conditions for an Aircraft Engine Electronic Control Unit

Staff Mentor Graphics Corporation Jean-Yves Soulier Mentor Graphics Corporation

This paper presents the thermal analysis performed on an aircraft engine Electronic Control Unit (ECU) installed in the engine environment. Part of the nacelle and ECU are modeled with and without cooling air, as specified by the engine manufacturer. Different geometric configurations are simulated providing boundary conditions for a detailed thermal analysis of the ECU itself.

White Paper: What They Didn’t Teach You in Engineering School About Heat Transfer

Interview with Andrew Patterson Mentor Graphics

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is no longer relegated to the realm of the specialist. A new class of CFD analysis software is proving to be highly effective at performing heat transfer analysis, enabling mechanical engineers to accelerate key decisions at their workstations and without the need for CFD specialists. Embedded into the MCAD environment, this intuitive process allows designers to optimize a product during the design stages reducing manufacturing costs across a wide range of mechanical designs and systems.

White Paper: Counterfeit and Substandard Semiconductors: The Solution to the Threats

George Karalias, Rochester Electronics

The counterfeiting of semiconductor components is escalating at an unprecedented rate. With increasingly sophisticated methods, counterfeit components are produced in many areas of the world and distributed globally. Additionally, unauthorized distributors render genuine parts substandard through improper handling. To make matters worse, semiconductors are being altered through a practice known as "malicious insertion" to cause damage or failure to the parts in which they are installed, or to gather intelligence.

White Paper: Enabling 10 Gbit-Ethernet in Miniature I/O Connectors for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Earle Olson TE Connectivity

The CeeLok FAS-T connector, a new high-speed circular I/O, combines the ruggedness of a MIL-C-38999-style design with an insert specifically configured for 10 Gbit-Ethernet transmission. Additionally, it is a small-form-factor connector system that is field repairable and supports data rate requirements for current and next-generation electronic systems in Aerospace and Defense applications.

White Paper: Overview of Tests on Radar Systems and Components

McAfee, Inc.

This application note along with its corresponding white paper 1MA207 show how to use the Rohde and Schwarz radar product portfolio to tackle test and measurement tasks in modern radar technology. Target groups are students who want to become familiar with radar issues as well as radar professionals who want to solve certain test and measurement tasks.