Video: SoftScan radar scan conversion

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1SoftScan brings GPU acceleration to radar scan conversion applications. SoftScan uses a unique GPU-based algorithm that performs high-resolution scan conversion on large polar stores with minimal CPU overhead and requires no specialized hardware. Even when rendering multiple channels of radar video (from radars, network or synthetic sources) CPU load is kept to a minimum.

Supporting polar format radar video input either directly from radar acquisition hardware or distributed via network, SoftScan outputs radar display data in a number of formats including Plan Position Indicator (PPI), A-Scan and B-Scan. SoftScan utilizes the signal processing power available in modern GPUs to provide powerful algorithms that ensure there are no holes or spokes in the displayed image, even when zooming-in at long range, and that all single point targets are displayed. As well as displaying traditional plan views of radar, SoftScan allows radar images to be shown in real-time as projections from different origins and angles.