Video: MILCOM 2009 Live OpenVPX Small Form Factor Video

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1Hybricon, a leading supplier of innovative Systems Packaging for Rugged Embedded Computing solutions serving the Military, Aerospace, Homeland Security, Medical and high-end Industrial markets and Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged deployed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME, VPX and CompactPCI products and systems for the aerospace and defense market, today demonstrated the industry’s first live OpenVPX system. The demonstration system, shown at the MILCOM 2009 Conference, featured an OpenVPX backplane in a Hybricon SFF-4 Small Form Factor conduction cooled chassis integrated with Curtiss-Wright Controls’ small form factor 3U OpenVPX-compliant cards, including single board computers, expansion carrier cards, and graphics controller OpenVPX-compliant boards. The initial SFF-4 product is designed to support I/O for airborne and ground vehicle control applications, supporting I/O for Ethernet, serial, video, and 1553 or CANBUS. Different I/O complements can be easily supported with a different backplane.