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A7-400/600from Athena Group
A board that contains an Altera Philips Semiconductors Volocity RSP7, and programming cable and documentation ...

4D-Touch touchscreenfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Semtech Corp. (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, is launching its gro...

GORE Extended Reach DDR Cable Assemblies from W. L. Gore and Associates
GORE Extended Reach DDR Cable Assemblies utilize the patented self-equalizing GORE EYE-OPENER+ Conductor Technol...

FASS and Extension-of-Life (ExOL)from Rochester Electronics
Rochester Electronics maintains the world’s largest Factory Authorized Safety Stock, offering active and m...

P15from MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
The P15 is based on the PC-MIP ANSI mezzanine standard ...
  • FRAMs are proprietary high-performance semiconductors that retain information even when power is lost

INV5000-230from Unipower Corporation
A 2RU sine-wave inverter ...
  • High-frequency pulse-width modulation with MOSFET and IGBT power semiconductors are employed to achieve 90 percent efficiency and 4.8VA per cubic inch power density

DC140from Agilent-Acqiris
1 GHz bandwidth ...

DC135from Agilent-Acqiris
500 MHz bandwidth ...

DC 140/135 Digitizerfrom Agilent-Acqiris
3U single-slot digitizers for use in any PXI or CompactPCI chasis ...
  • Ideal for telecom, ATE, lidar, radar, semiconductors, ultrasonic, and physics applications

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