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NORCO BIS-6540LCfrom NORCO Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.
Digital Signage Based Intel Atom N270 Processor for Large LED Controlling Hardware Application ...
  • LED controlling hardware platform, compact and flexible
  • Featuring embedded hardware decoder for 1080p High-Definition playback
  • Support mainstream LED control cards

BIS-6540LC from NORCO Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.
BIS-6540LC is one of compact hardware platform specially for LED control system. It based on Mini-ITX motherboar...
  • LED controlling hardware platform, compact and flexible
  • Featuring embedded hardware decoder for 1080p High-Definition playback
  • Support mainstream LED control cards

BIS-6540LC from NORCO Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.
BIS-6540LC is one of compact hardware platform specially for LED control system. It based on Mini-ITX motherboar...
  • LED controlling hardware platform, compact and flexible
  • Featuring embedded hardware decoder for 1080p High-Definition playback
  • Support mainstream LED control cards

RFID Edge Controller Development Kitfrom Arcom Control Systems, Inc.
Includes the base RFID Edge Controller hardware and all of the software development tools needed for OEM's to in...

Bluetooth Extension to WinDKfrom BSQUARE Corp.
A Bluetooth extension that enables developers to seamlessly attach their Bluetooth hardware to a tested and robu...
  • Device driver development tool kit creates hardware and protocol drivers for Bluetooth implementations based on the Digianserr A/S Bluetooth software stack
  • Reduces time to integrate new Bluetooth hardware and protocols into these platforms
  • Enables hardware developers to use other supported bus types with no unnecessary restrictions
  • Supports access to the hardware using any combination of Port I/O, Memory I/O, interrupts, and DMA
  • hardware driver sample contains a console (DOS prompt) user-mode test application that exercises the driver's upper-level interface
  • Sample demonstrates the basic NT/WDM hardware features such as Port I/O, Memory I/O, and interrupt processing

TWR-MCF51CN-KIT from Mouser Electronics
Simplifies configuration with modular hardware development platform ...
  • The interchangeable microcontroller and peripheral boards leverage standardized, open source hardware, making it simple to create customized plug-and-play development tools for all of your design needs

USP-1xfrom Signum Systems Corp.
An emulator for TMMC320C1x DSPs designed to work with PC-compatible computers ...
  • No restrictions on DSP hardware or software
  • 32K x 80-bit hardware Trace Buffer
  • Temporary address hardware breakpoints
  • Perform analysis hardware/software

PEG Portable Embedded GUI for Adv Systemsfrom Micro Digital, Inc.
Designed specifically for embedded systems ...
  • Royalty Free
  • Fast - interacts directly with video and input hardware
  • Reduce development time - Use PC to design GUI before target hardware is ready

InfiniHost III EXfrom Mellanox Technologies, Inc.
An InfiniBand host channel adapter with an 8X PCI Express interface ...
  • Memory-protection tables in hardware
  • Hardware CRC checking and generation
  • Large on-chip InfiniBand port buffers
  • hardware support for all InfiniBand transport mechanisms

Centellis Virtualization Platform (VP)from Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Artesyn's Centellis® Virtualization Platform is an application virtualization hardware/software plat...
  • Implementation of the Intel® Accelerated DPDK ensures performance is optimized for the hardware and virtualized environment
  • Open ATCA hardware architecture ensures a multi-vendor payload ecosystem combined with the scalability and maintainability of a bladed architecture

FeedHandlingKitfrom Impulse Accelerated Technologies
Feed Handling system which builds on COTS FPGA based hardware to accelerate processing speed while protecting yo...
  • Acceleration – FPGA based hardware/software systems can accelerate some feed handling systems by 100x over pure microprocessor solutions
  • FPGA based – the system leverages one or more FPGAs and can compile to both FPGA hardware and to embedded code running on the soft- and hard-core processors offered by Altera and Xilinx
  • Economic – this system uses the best available COTS hardware

Nucleus EDGE Development Environmentfrom Mentor Graphics Corporation
An Eclipse-based embedded IDE ...
  • Tools ranging from a visual project and build manager to code coverage and profiling tools, all available from a consistent, modern and extensible GUI environment

Nucleus Graphicsfrom Mentor Graphics Corporation
Nucleus Graphics embedded UI engine and designer enables the rapid creation and customization of visually rich, ...
  • Deliver more compelling, more usable products in less time
  • Scales to deliver the best possible user experience on any hardware Implement advanced visual effects across a full range of hardware – from low-cost silicon to hardware accelerated application processors
  • Industry standard support UI Engine supports OpenGL/ES to take advantage of available software and hardware acceleration

MicroBlaze from XILINX, Inc.
32-bit RISC soft core optimized for implementation in Xilinx FPGAs ...
  • hardware acceleration using Fast Simplex Link (FSL)
  • Configurable features such as barrel shifter, divider, multiplier, instruction and data caches, FPU, FSL interfaces, hardware debug logic, and hardware exceptions

bf3Netfrom Traquair Data Systems, Inc.
XpressDSP-compliant TCP/IP protocol stack with integrated DMA support...

PEG Portable Embedded GUI for Advances Sys'sfrom Micro Digital, Inc.
Designed specifically for embedded systems ...
  • Royalty free
  • Fast - interacts directly with video and input hardware

Riviera-IPTfrom ALDEC, Inc
A high-speed co-verification and debug environment for complex embedded software/hardware co-development utilizi...
  • Based on Aldec+IBk-s VHDL and Verilog mixed-language simulation technology, Design Verification Manager, and a hardware accelerator with capacity up to 12 million gates
  • Riviera-IPT+IBk-s hardware accelerator allows designs to run at MHz speeds

IPHWCRYPTOfrom Interpeak, Inc.
Interpeak's Hardware Crypto Acceleration Architecture (HCAA) supports various silicon implementations, as accele...
  • Crypto hardware support requires only days with the use of Crypto Support Package (CSP)

FrameWork Logicfrom Innovative Integration
Development Tools for High Speed Signal Processing in FPGAs ...
  • Comprehensive hardware support and tools for signal processing
  • hardware inteface layer design structure allows rapid integration of application-specific code
  • Reference designs illustrating hardware use

N/Afrom Advanced Measurements, Inc.
Software-based solutions meeting clients' needs by utilizing general-purpose, modular hardware to create applica...
  • hardware and software solutions for computerized test, measurement, process monitoring, and control
  • LabVIEW development environment to integrate off-the-shelf hardware with custom software to suit your specific needs

BayCat (VL-EPM-31)from VersaLogic Corp.
The BayCat’s on-board TPM security chip can lock out unauthorized hardware and software acces...
  • High shock and vibe

DAWN 2.0from Hem Data Corp.
A complete PC-based software and hardware system for acquiring data from an in-vehicle network ...
  • Compatible with hardware from Cubic Systems and National Instruments

Development Kits from Technologic Systems
Advanced-featured TS-x86 and TS-ARM Development Kits ...
  • Adopted Linux solution provides high-performance and easier hardware-software integration

VME, CPCI Panels, PMCfrom Phillips Components, Inc.
VME panels and hardware ...
  • CompactPCI panels and hardware

AIMB-440from Advantech Corporation
MiniATX Embedded Motherboard for gaming ...
  • Intel New Generation Merom 945GME platform
  • Hardware Advanced Encryption Standard Security Engine
  • TPM and second RTC Support

WinDriver v7.xfrom Jungo Software Technologies Inc.
Provides a complete solution for creating high-performance drivers and custom hardware access applications by en...

SPW Hardware Design System (HDS)from Synopsys, Inc.
Fastest path from innovation into implementation for digital signal processing systems, applying a model-based d...
  • SPW hardware Design System (HDS) is a key component in the SPW product family
  • It accelerates the hardware design, verification, and analysis of complex, algorithm intensive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems
  • Correct by construction RTL design
  • Rapid system performance optimization of detailed hardware design

AmpNetfrom Belobox Networks, Inc.
A smart network hardware platform for System Area Networks (SANs) ...
  • Physical layer supports both point-to-point connections between pairs of nodes and broadcast to all nodes at the hardware level
  • Designed for SANs, a group of computers working on a mission rather than independent functions such as the high-volume requirements of government and commercial high-end enterprise applications

ATCA, cPCI, PMCfrom Purcell Technologies, Inc.
AdvancedTCA panels, handles, and hardware ...
  • CompactPCI panels, ejectors, and hardware

Metric Hardwarefrom RAF Electronic Hardware
A line of metric-dimensioned hardware for electronic assembly ...
  • RAF manufactures eight major hardware lines, including: standoffs, spacers, captive panel screws, precision shoulder screws, thumbscrews, jackscrews, insulating washers, and handles

Centellis 4620, R1 ATCA 10GbE Communications Serverfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
"AdvancedTCA panels, handles, and hardware ...
  • CompactPCI panels, ejectors, and hardware

Design 10.1from Altia Inc.
Altia Design 10.2 brings new features to provide eye-catching effects to graphical user interfaces, plus enhance...

Mentor Embedded Linuxfrom Mentor Graphics Corporation
The new Mentor Embedded Linux platform allows developers to easily select the best Linux kernel for their needs....
  • Support for the open-source Yocto Project
  • Reference board support packages for leading hardware platforms, including those from Broadcom, Freescale Semiconductor, Intel, and Texas Instruments are included
  • Supports the QEMU emulator, allowing users to simulate Linux system development without using actual hardware.

CV92from LSI Corporation
Controller-Based Modem Devices ...
  • hardware support for pulse dialing for accurate make/break timing
  • hardware support for ringing level and frequency qualification for accurate ring detection

ZeBufrom EVE-USA, Inc.
A verification platform for IP, FPGA, SoC designers and embedded software developers ...
  • Accurate hardware models for validating system integration and developing software

PARSfrom Su1ndance DSP Inc.
Model-based design tool to generate code for multi-DSP, multi-FPGA system ...
  • Debug your application on the hardware in real time

FiT300; 400; 500from AXUS Microsystems Inc.
AXUS New FiT Series: Hardware RAID (external / internal / rack-mount) devices ...
  • Multiple RAID Selection

Green Hills Probe Hardware Debug Devicefrom Green Hills Software, Inc.
An advanced hardware debug device that enables the MULTI debugger to load, control, debug, and test a target sys...

The new Xilinx® reVISION™ stack allows software and system engineers with little or...

113991from ICS Electronics
Complete hardware kit for assembling C-size VXIbus module ...
  • Kit includes a blank front panel, ejectors, side shields with connector shields and RFI fingers and fastener hardware

DAQCard Hardware Bundlefrom Radical Systems Engineering
Hardware bundle based on National Instruments PCMCIA DAQCard data acquisition products and Radical Systems inter...
  • Analog input/output channels are interfaced via BNC connected on shielded terminal block assembly
  • Included in the bundle are PCMCIA DAQ card, interface cables, hardware drivers, shielded connector box, embedded SPDT relays, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI, breadboarding area, BNC connectors, counter/timer channels

VME, cPCI, and PMC panels and hardwarefrom Phillips Components, Inc.
Fully customizable VME, CompactPCI, and PMC panels with silk-screening available...

Integration Centerfrom Avnet Electronics Marketing
Hardware Configuration has the certifications and expertise to provide complete hardware configuration ...

Hardware Debugger 5.03from Jungo Software Technologies Inc.
A point and click application ...
  • Allows detection of USB, PCI, CompactPCI, ISA, ISAPnP, and EISA hardware and its resources without having to develop a driver

cPCI, PMC, PCI Panelsfrom Purcell Technologies, Inc.
CompactPCI panels, ejectors, and hardware ...

AdvancedTCA Front Panel Kitfrom SIE Computing Solutions, Inc.
8U x 6HP form factor front panel hardware ...

visionICE IIfrom Wind River Systems, Inc.
A hardware-assisted tool that uses on-chip debugging ...
  • Flash memory programming

Panel Hardware Screwsfrom Keystone Electronic Corp.
A line of thumb screws, captive screws, and shoulder screws ...

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