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2011 / April
DDS Technology Networkfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) introduces the DDS Technology Network, a comprehensive training, tools, and software...
  • No-charge license to RTI's DDS software
  • Included are tools, runTime services from Professional and Elite toolkits, extensive source code

2011 / February
ARINC 653 compliantfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
RTI Data Distribution Service middleware paired with Wind River's VxWorks 653 real-time operating system provide...
  • This first combination of DDS-compliant middleware with an ARINC 653 compliant RTOS dramatically reduces the Time and cost required to develop and integrate distributed avionics software

2009 / April
RTI Data Distribution Service 4.4from Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
Version 4.4 of RTI Data Distribution Service ...
  • Eases integration of real-time and embedded applications utilizing RTI Data Distribution Service with applications using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) based enterprise middleware such as Web Services
  • Interfaces that applications use to communicate with each other can be dynamically defined, updated, and discovered at runTime rather than at compile Time
  • By compiling XML interfaces into efficient code at development time, 4.4 eliminates the otherwise increased message size and processing demands typically associated with transmitting and parsing XML at runtime

2009 / March
Data Distribution Service middleware w/SELinuxfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
RTI Data Distribution Service Real-Time Messaging Middleware – now Integrated with Security-Enhanced Linu...
  • Combination offers Real-Time and high-performance distributed applications with the ability to securely distribute data by combining RTI's high-performance network communications with the extremely flexible Mandatory Access Control (MAC) facilities of SELinux

2008 / June
Low-latency Messaging Middlewarefrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
Ultra low-latency messaging middleware that now features support for Microsoft NET Framework ...
  • Inter-application messaging latency of less than 100 microseconds
  • NET applications written in the C# and C++/CLI programming languages can seamlessly communicate with C, C++, Java, and Ada applications running natively on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and embedded Real-Time operating systems

2007 / May
DDS 4.1from Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
RTI Data Distribution Service 4.1 adds enhanced control over messaging (QoS) for greater application-specific op...
  • Message latency as low as 65 microseconds and throughput up to 20 Times higher than other messaging solutions, RTI Data Distribution Service can be used within the most demanding applications
  • This gives applications fine control over the middleware to optimize its Real-Time behavior, performance, and resource utilization

2005 / October
NDDS 4.0from Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
Targets Broad Array of Data-Critical Applications ...

    SkyBoardfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
    Acquisition Will Allow Customers to Optimize Database Operations From Distributed Servers for Data-Critical Ap...

      2005 / June
      Network Data Distribution Service (NDDS) 3.1from Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
      Network middleware allowing distributed real-time systems to share data ...
      • Dynamic reconfiguration means nodes can enter and leave system in any order at any Time

      2001 / December
      WaveWorksfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
      A family of real-time messaging products ...
      • Provides publish-subscribe services that eliminate network programming and simplify complex system design
      • Real-Time extensions allow the user to set deadlines for new topic issues, set the flow rate, and define redundant publication hierarchies for application-transparent hot-swap
      • Backwards compatibility with future releases, protocol extensibility for future enhancements (such as security and additional quality of service options), and interoperability among products from multiple vendors
      • Includes two tools for distributed, Real-Time system debugging: WaveSurf, a graphical explorer and debug tool that finds all of the NDDS objects across the network, and WaveScope, a graphical monitoring and analysis tool that shows the activity of internal application variables

      2001 / April
      StethoScope for Linuxfrom Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
      A real-time data monitor that allows users to analyze Linux applications while they are running ...
      • Real-Time graphical display
      • Does not impact real-time application performance

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