8 Martek Power products found
2010 / July
MBRH Seriesfrom Martek Power
Single- or dual-output flavors ...

    2009 / November
    200UFR series from Martek Power
    DC-DC converter solution for low-power, battery-operated, portable, mixed signal, or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS...

      2009 / May
      MW400Sfrom Martek Power
      Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) ...

        2008 / October
        CB150Dfrom Martek Power
        A 150 W dual output DC-DC Power Supply ...

          2008 / September
          1500UFRfrom Martek Power
          15 W RoHS-compliant DC/DC power converters with wide input range ...

            2006 / April
            AP1200F AC FrontEndfrom Martek Power
            Delievery up to 100 amps at 12 Vdc across the full AC input range of 90-265 Vac in a compact 1U x2U format ...

              2004 / July
              PS2316from Martek Power
              6U Compact PCI Format ...

                PS2318from Martek Power
                6U Compact PCI Format ...

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