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2014 / November
LDRA tool suitefrom LDRA
The LDRA tool suite works seamlessly within the various tool chains, enabling development teams to bring togethe...

    2013 / May
    LDRA Compliance Management Services (LCMS)from LDRA
    LCMS is a cloud-based or locally-hosted compliance management server for DO-178C/DO-278A and DO-254 applicants. ...

      2011 / May
      LDRA tool suite (CWE Compatible)from LDRA
      Dynamic and static analysis tools ...

        2011 / February
        x86 assembler tool suitefrom LDRA
        Compatible with any x86 assembler variant, the LDRA implementation proffers assembly coverage such as bitmap cov...

          2010 / May
          Embed-Xfrom LDRA
          “End-to-end” Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system from LDRA and Visure Solutions ...

            2009 / April
            LDRA tool suite v8.0from LDRA
            Version 8.0 of the LDRA tool suite, a fully automated end-to-end product for software verification support ...

              2005 / January
              LDRA Testbedfrom LDRA
              Static and Dynamic Analysis of source code ...

                TBrun - Test Harness Generatorfrom LDRA
                Automatically generates test drivers/harnesses ...

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