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2018 / May
2013 / August
HPx-300from Cambridge Pixel
Cambridge Pixel's HPx-300 radar output card allows developers of radar tracking or radar display applications to...

    2012 / January
    HPx-200efrom Cambridge Pixel
    The HPx-200e is Cambridge Pixel's new PCI Express Radar Interface Card for primary radar acquisition. The card s...

      2011 / November
      SPX AV softwarefrom Cambridge Pixel
      Cambridge Pixel has added audio and video capture, distribution and recording capability to its world-leading SP...

        2011 / April
        HPx-200 radar cardfrom Cambridge Pixel
        Cambridge Pixel's HPx-200 is PCI-based primary radar input card, which interfaces to a wide range of primary rad...

          2011 / March
          Radar Image Serverfrom Cambridge Pixel
          Provides a highly flexible and cost-effective way of integrating radar video into view-only monitoring applicati...

            2009 / August
            SPx Screen Recorderfrom Cambridge Pixel
            SPx Screen Recorder is a Linux screen record and replay application for lossless record and replay of one or mor...

              2009 / July
              SPx NPRfrom Cambridge Pixel
              SPx NPR is a software network packet recorder for Linux and Windows that captures, records and replays multiple ...

                2009 / March
                RadarViewfrom Cambridge Pixel
                RadarView is a Primary Radar Video Visualisation package for Windows-CP/Vista ...

                  2008 / April
                  HPx-100from Cambridge Pixel
                  A flexible, PCI-based primary radar interface card for analog and digital radars ...

                    2008 / March
                    SPx Scan Conversionfrom Cambridge Pixel
                    Radar Scan Conversion (PPI and A-Scan) using Windows and Linux ...

                      2008 / January
                      SPx Radar Softwarefrom Cambridge Pixel
                      COTS software modules for radar processing, scan conversion, and distributio ...

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