5 Barco products found
2005 / March
FlexiVision IIIfrom Barco
High-performance Electro-Optical (EO) sensor video processing system ...

2000 / November
AVS 5100from Barco
A family of graphics controllers based on COTS components ...

    2000 / October
    VRC 1000/VRC 2000from Barco
    A VMEbus-based video controller ...

      2000 / September
      FD246/251 & RFD246/251from Barco
      An extended 100:1 dimming solution for 18-inch and 20-inch rugged flat panel displays ...

        2000 / August
        MRFD rangefrom Barco
        A panel module and a video control module that are connected through a single cable interface ...

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