Signum Systems Corp.

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  • An emulator for TMMC320C1x DSPs designed to work with PC-compatible computers
  • Real time transparent emulation up to 33 MHz
  • No restrictions on DSP hardware or software
  • Symbolic Trace listing
  • 32K x 80-bit hardware Trace Buffer
  • In-line symbolic assembler and disassembler
  • 4K of overlay Program Memory (64K on USP-16)
  • 32K of address hardware breakpoints
  • Three Complex Events to trigger Breakpoints or Trace logic
  • Temporary address hardware breakpoints
  • Two 16-bit Pass Counters
  • 8-level real time Sequencer
  • 8-channel user logic state analyzer
  • External Trigger input and output
  • Perform analysis hardware/software
  • Trace display during execution

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