SKY Computers, Inc.

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A Non-Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer (NARB) that addresses the rapidly evolving needs of the hard disk drive (HDD) industry


  • Provides realistic pulse shapes, noise, and the true magnetic effects of the head and media
  • Integrated thermal asperity generator enables the waveform data to maintain 8-bit resolution through most of the data pattern
  • Accuracy of an 8-bit D/A converter, followed by a 12-bit variable gain stage, allows very small amplitude variations to be studied while the D/A converter operates at its full range
  • Sampling clock operates at 2.4 GHz, producing an 800 Mbit/sec waveform with 3X oversampling or 1.2 Gbit/sec at 2X oversampling
  • 850 MHz bandwidth, keeps distortion of the signal at high data rates to a minimum
  • Inputs can be varied to investigate performance and yield effects in the channel around Monte Carlo distributions, rather than a single waveform
  • Both a micro-track model and a highly advanced modal model are included
  • Chassis for installation of the AWG and an optional noise source combines two functions into one instrument
  • Drag and drop GUI software interface allows for importing waveforms, pulse shapes, and patterns
  • Host PC communications are through a high speed IEEE-1394 FireWire physical layer with a transfer rate of 50 Mbits/sec
  • Uses advanced application-specific software from ASTEC International

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