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  • A Remote Management Card (RMC) and embedded Remote Management Chip (eRMC)
  • 32-bit PCI bus master at 33 MHz, 64 MHz enabled (PCI standard 2.2)
  • External nine-pin Mini RS-232 connector
  • External RJ45 connector for 10/100Base T LAN
  • Rear panel connector for AC/DC adapter
  • Connector for standby power
  • Optional Lilon rechargeable battery that provides at least one hour continual board usage
  • Four I2C interfaces
  • PCI instrumentation connector
  • Second RS-232 interface, and one RS-232/RS-485 interface
  • Agilent Service Processor 2.0 with ARM710 CPU
  • 8 Mbytes (max. 24 Mbytes) of SDRAM memory
  • 4 Mbytes (max. 12 Mbytes) of Flash ROM memory
  • Firmware can be upgraded by the user
  • Six general purpose I/Os
  • Onboard sensors for PCI bus (efficiency and utilization), voltage (server PCI 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and -12V), and temperature (?40?C to 125?C)

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