Bluetooth Extension to WinDK


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A Bluetooth extension that enables developers to seamlessly attach their Bluetooth hardware to a tested and robust Microsoft Windows Bluetooth stack


  • Device driver development tool kit creates hardware and protocol drivers for Bluetooth implementations based on the Digianserr A/S Bluetooth software stack
  • Reduces time to integrate new Bluetooth hardware and protocols into these platforms
  • Operating system support includes Windows 98/NT Embedded/NT4.0/2000
  • Supports the development of hardware drivers for USB, PCI, and PCMCIA buses as well as serial interfaces
  • Enables hardware developers to use other supported bus types with no unnecessary restrictions
  • Supports access to the hardware using any combination of Port I/O, Memory I/O, interrupts, and DMA
  • Hardware driver sample contains a console (DOS prompt) user-mode test application that exercises the driver's upper-level interface
  • Sample demonstrates the basic NT/WDM hardware features such as Port I/O, Memory I/O, and interrupt processing

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