Folsom Research, Inc.

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  • A COTS 2-slot 6U board
  • Input Multiplexer supports selection from up to three independent radar inputs
  • Modular radar interface adapts to any type of radar unit, including US Navy radar switchboards
  • Two independent radar processing channels support simultaneous display of two radar images in one or two windows
  • 40 MHz input sampling rate with 3.75 meters sampling resolution
  • Programmable input look-up table
  • Programmable de-clutter map controls gain and offset based upon range and azimuth
  • 1024 x 1024 x 8-bit (RSC-1000V1) and dual 2048 x 2048 x 8-bit (RSC-1000V2) frame buffer models
  • Origin offset/expanded offset display modes
  • Dedicated pixel fill hardware ensures image elements are not skipped
  • Time or scan-based variable persistence
  • Up to 2048 x 2048 display resolution
  • Internal test pattern generator
  • Software support includes library of C function calls
  • Video mixer board provides platform-independent display of radar/graphics overlays
  • Direct digital interface to BARCO IVS-4000 Series of graphics controllers

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