AVS 5100


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  • A family of graphics controllers based on COTS components
  • Uses the X11 R6 industry standard X Windows software interface to support fast-text processing as well as high speed pixmap generation and copying
  • PMC mezzanine adapter allows the AVS to directly interface to the host CPU's PCI bus
  • Indexed Auxiliary Video Interface is used for insertion of radar data between the overlay and underlay graphics, allowing any map data to be placed beneath the radar image while target and track information is situated over the radar image
  • Overlay and underlay buffers provide a total of 24 viewable planes and 32 Mbytes of video memory for flicker-free updating
  • Can be equipped with a NTSC/PAL color video or a high-resolution monochrome video frame grabber mezzanine that switches between one of five sources to provide a real-time video window display of the selected source
  • Graphics data can be overlayed on the video window

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