DBS 902

SKY Computers, Inc.

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An 80 MHz, 14-bit, Waveform Digitizer module that plugs into the Analogic DBS 9900 "C" size VXI carrier board


  • Up to two DBS 902s can be installed in a single DBS 9900
  • This mother/daughterboard concept allows a single VXI chassis slot to provide multiple functions, thereby maximizing VXI resources and decreasing the cost per slot
  • Acquisition may be triggered from the input signal itself or external inputs having programmable thresholds
  • Acquired data can be pre-trigger, post-trigger or anywhere in between
  • Programmable sample counter controls the number of data points to be acquired
  • Tagging sample(s) on the fly for purposes of identifying external events such as time stamps is available through a front panel digital input
  • When combined with the DBS 9900 carrier module, the DBS 902 provides versatile clock and trigger sources through internal circuitry, front panel connectors, and VXI TTLTRG lines
  • Internal clock can drive all plug-in function modules simultaneously so that clock skew and delays are reduced to an absolute minimum
  • Trigger and clock thresholds are programmable for each plug-in function module
  • The VXI Plug & Play compliant software driver supports all functions of the DBS 902 and provides automatic recognition and configuration for all plug-in modules that are installed in the DBS 9900 carrier unit
  • Source code is included as well as .DLL files to allow easy porting to most popular programming environments
  • Over-range data detection
  • Multiple clock and trigger sources
  • Programmable trigger and clock thresholds
  • Auto calibration
  • Pre-trigger and post-trigger data acquisition
  • Data-dependent triggering
  • Programmable sample counter
  • Sample(s) tagging through front panel input

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