VRC 1000/VRC 2000


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  • A VMEbus-based video controller
  • Three analog radar video inputs
  • Two 8-bit digital radar video inputs
  • Two 1-bit digital radar video inputs
  • Three radar trigger
  • Three ACP/ARP azimuth interfaces with option for synchro/resolver
  • Two independent radar processing channels
  • ?40 MHz input A/D sampling
  • Variable programmable fading
  • Origin/expanded offset
  • North-up or course-up display reference
  • Output memory of 1K x 1K x 2 for VRC 1000 or 2K x 2Kx 2 for VRC 2000
  • Host CPU support includes SPARC and HP
  • Operating system support includes HP-UX and Solaris

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