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A family of standards compliant universal switching ICs for CompactPCI-based xDSL and VoIP systems


  • Family consists of three universal MTSI switching ICs that support PCM interface and three HTSI ICs that integrate the H.100/H.110 interface
  • Both use 16 local I/Os
  • H.100/H.110 switching ICs enable the SWITI HTSI devices to operate with 32 bidirectional lines
  • HTSI device can also be configured with an additional 16 PCM I/Os to provide a total of 32 PCM data paths on and off the chip
  • Family also includes the SMART 24471 demonstration board, software, configuration tools, E1/T1 and H.100 hardware interfaces, and connections for analog telephones
  • 3.3V operation with an I/O tolerance to 5V

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