DBS 2050A

SKY Computers, Inc.

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A high performance 2.0 Gsamples/sec, 2-slot, C-sized, VXI arbitrary waveform generator for disk drive/mass storage, 100 Base T and avionics testing, and network analysis and telecommunications simulations


  • Using one channel, the DBS 2050 has a maximum sample rate of 2.0 Gsamples/sec with an analog bandwidth of >850 MHz (at 0.5V p-p) and 8-bit vertical resolution
  • Two channels produce a maximum sample rate of 1.0 Gsamples/sec and 8-bit vertical resolution
  • A high precision clock synthesizer housed in the generator can be phase locked to an internal low jitter, minimal drift reference clock or to an external signal and programmed over a range of 1 ksample/sec to 2.0 Gsamples/sec
  • A segmentable 8M-word memory that incorporates branching, looping, and sequencing is also featured
  • Three program-selectable, low-pass Bessel output filters have cut-off frequencies of 2 MHz, 20 MHz, and 200 MHz
  • Analog signal outputs are differential for one- channel operation and single ended in the two-channel mode
  • Output amplitude can be either 1V p-p maximum, with a bandwidth of >700 MHz, or 4V p-p maximum, with an analog bandwidth of >165 MHz

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