Innovative Integration

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The X6-1000M integrates high-speed digitizing and signal generation with signal processing on a PMC/XMC I/O module for demanding DSP applications


  • Two 1 GSPS, 12-bit A/D channels
  • Two 1 GSPS, 16-bit DAC channels
  • ?1V, AC or DC-Coupled, 50 ohm, SMA inputs and outputs
  • 4 Banks of 1 GB DRAM (4 GB total)
  • Ultra-low jitter programmable clock
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generation Memory
  • Gen2 x8 PCI Express providing 2 GB/s sustained transfer rates
  • PCI 32-bit, 66 MHz with P4 to Host card
  • 20-25W typical Conduction Cooling per VITA 20
  • Ruggedization Levels for Wide Temperature Operation
  • Adapters for VPX, CompactPCI, desktop PCI and cabled PCI Express systems
  • ?

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