Ensemble HCD3210

Mercury Systems

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The EnsembleTM 3000 Series HCD3210 3U OpenVPXTM Processing Module from Mercury Computer Systems is a single-slot solution for data acquisition and processing
Ensemble HCD3210


  • General-purpose processing via dual-core MPC8640D processor running at 1.06 GHz, supported 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM
  • Xilinx? VirtexTM-6 FPGA supported by two 9-MB banks of QDRII SRAM and 128 MB of DDR3-900M SDRAM
  • High-bandwidth communications, including native support for RapidIO and PCI Express? (PCIe)
  • XMC site supported by PCI Express (PCIe) per VITA 42.3
  • IPMI controller for system management functions
  • MultiCore Plus? software environment with MC SAL
  • ?

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