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Man-worn, fully immersive, turn-key team simulation solution for infantry simulation and training


  • Open architecture platform for integrating simulation software
  • Fully integrated Wearable Computer Pack with ruggedized computer and hot swappable battery in one convenient package
  • High resolution 1280 x 1024 Head Mounted Display (HMD) for an immersive experience
  • Tightly coupled head tracker and HMD provides full 360? field-of-regard for Natural Motion and Instinctive Situational Awareness
  • Fully instrumented weapon is untethered from the body and supports Reflexive Engagement
  • Patent pending hand-grip/controller provides intuitive interface for locomotion within the virtual environment
  • Posture sensors provide stance information to the simulation software to reinforce correct tactical behavior
  • Rugged construction with integrated cable management can withstand the rigors of daily use
  • Open architecture allows ExpeditionDI to host a variety of simulation software, including: VBS2 from Bohemia Interactive, SVS from Advanced Interactive Systems, RealWorld from DARPA and Total Immersion and GDIS from Research Network, Inc. Virtually any SW platform can be integrated via the ExpeditionDI SDK
  • Completely un-tethered and wireless - no cables or wires allow each trainee to have the freedom to move independently
  • Trainees are fully engaged in the virtual training environment
  • Interaction with the virtual world is based on simple, instinctive reflexes and natural motions so trainees don't have to learn new ?simulation only? skills
  • ExpeditionDI SquadKit is available for US Army and US Marine Corps, complete with all hardware, software, and cabling
  • Enables synchronized, coordinated missions

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