HPx-200 radar card

Cambridge Pixel

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Cambridge Pixel's HPx-200 is PCI-based primary radar input card, which interfaces to a wide range of primary radar signals and features dual analogue video inputs


  • Accommodates analog and digital radar video types, trigger and azimuth (ACP/ARP and parallel data) signals
  • Captures one or two channels of video at up to 50 MHz using high-precision analogue to digital converters at 12 bits resolution
  • Uses an FPGA for pre-processing of radar video prior to PCI bus-client software transfer
  • Onboard FPGA offers capability for expanding data processing functions for custom applications
  • Radar trigger and azimuth signals may be differential or discrete, support for opto-coupled inputs for improved noise immunity/software programmable thresholds for ease of configuration
  • The HPx-200 also features an optional end-of-range signal to terminate sampling
  • The HPx-200 is fully supported under Windows and Linux and is available with supporting software from a C/C++ board support package to complete radar processing servers or client display applications

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