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New with our NETernity Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switches, GE Intelligent Platforms introduces OpenWare, our IPv6 switch management firmware architecture providing an improved user experience for application development and support


  • With selected, fully managed NETernity switches, OpenWare provides powerful integrated management services including configuration, monitoring, switching control, addressing, routing and all supported protocols. For switches that support only Layer 2 operations, we have OpenWare Lite
  • OpenWare Lite uses the same approach as OpenWare, but is built without the Layer 3 support. OpenWare is GNU/Linux-based firmware, bringing together the best of Open Source and proprietary switch control, routing and protocol implementations
  • This provides the user with a switch that can be simple configured for any network requirement ? from the trivially simple to the very complex
  • OpenWare is actively maintained with improvements and switching features and protocol added through regular updates
  • This ensures that OpenWare keeps in step with the latest standards ? RFCs (Request for Comments) from the IETF and standards from the IEEE
  • The flexible OpenWare environment additionally allows for customization for specific customer requirements

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