GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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  • DSP/Math Library for NVIDIA Many-Core GPU Platforms
  • Optimize your performance with GE Intelligent Platforms' new AXISLib-GPU ? a Signal and Vector Processing Library that supports the development and deployment of high-performance DSP and multiprocessing applications on GE's NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPGPU (general purpose processing on a graphics processing unit) platforms
  • Typical applications include radar, sonar, image processing, signals intelligence and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance)
  • The AXISLib family of performance-optimized DSP and math libraries includes AXISLib for Power Architecture, our recently announced AXISLib-x86 for systems based on Intel processors as well as AXISLib-GPU, which can operate as stand-alone modules or within the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment

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