Cobalt 78621

Pentek, Inc.

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A data acquisition module for high-performance applications and part of Pentek Inc.'s Cobalt family


  • Utilizes Xilinx's Virtex?-6 FPGA family for onboard signal processing
  • Available in both XMC and PCIe formats to satisfy a range of system needs
  • Includes ruggedized XMC-format modules with extended temperature range options for deployed applications such as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) collecting radar and signal intelligence data
  • Uses the commercial PCIe format for use in desktop PCs and blade servers for R&D and laboratory environments
  • Three 16-bit, 200 MHz A/Ds, three multiband DDCs (digital downconverters), two 16-bit 800 MHz D/As with DUC (digital upconverter) and interpolator
  • Each module features a Xilinx Virtex-6 LXT or SXT FPGA fully connected to all data and control paths
  • Synch bus for synchronizing multiple modules to increase channel count
  • VCO sample clock synthesizers locked to an external system reference
  • PCIe (Gen 2) interfaces for x4 and x8
  • Secondary gigabit serial interface
  • Modular memory options for QDRII+ SRAM and DDR3 SDRAM
  • Intelligent, chaining DMA engines
  • ReadyFlow? board support packages for C-language programming include drivers, project files and example code demonstrating all features
  • ReadyFlow supports Windows?, Linux? and VxWorks? operating systems

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