XMC-GBX Quad Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor

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This new quad gigabit Ethernet XMC is a high-performance, low latency network adaptor providing four high-speed Ethernet interfaces for use with VITA 42.3-compatible VME, PCI Express, CompactPCI, and AdvancedTCA processor boards
XMC-GBX Quad Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor


  • It is available in three configurations offering a mix of front and rear port access
  • Wide internal data paths eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • The parallel and pipelined logic architecture is optimized for Gigabit Ethernet and efficiently handles packets with minimum latency
  • Using widely accepted Intel 82571EB Ethernet controllers, this adaptor offers up to four 10BASE-T/100BASE-Tx/1000BASE-T copper ports with front-mounted RJ-45 connectors and full status indicators
  • Alternatively, up to four SERDES ports are accessible through the Pn4 connector for use via an appropriate copper or fiber-based rear transition module
  • Quad Gigabit Ethernet interfaces - Copper or SERDES
  • Up to 4 10BASE-T/100BASE-Tx/1000BASE-T ports with RJ-45 front connectors with status indicators
  • Up to 4 rear-accessible SERDES ports via Pn4
  • Low-latency data handling
  • Efficient packet prioritization
  • Enables use of jumbo frames
  • Maximum system performance and throughput
  • Windows, Linux and Solaris x86 support
  • VITA XMC-compliant interfaces for high bandwidth

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