ATCA-RT01 Video+Storage Rear Transition Module

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The ATCA-RT01 provides high reliability SAS storage, VGA video output, as well as additional Ethernet and USB I/O for AdvancedTCA x86 processor blades from PDSi (ATCA-F1) or Oracle's (Netra™ CP3220)
ATCA-RT01 Video+Storage Rear Transition Module


  • With its industry standard Zone 3 interface, this RTM also operates with Oracle's UltraSPARC T2-based CP3260 blade
  • For systems requiring a mix of these compute blades, the ATCA-RT01 can provide a convenient single RTM solution
  • The robust ATCA-RT01 RTM has been thoroughly tested and successfully deployed in critical systems including military applications
  • The 2.5 inch SAS HDD provides local storage with front-panel connection to secondary or redundant storage arrays
  • Additional ports include VGA video output and USB I/O for convenient local monitoring
  • In combination with PDSi's ATCA-F1 blade, the ATCA-RT01 RTM has also been validated and is hardware-compliant with the VMWare ESX Server virtualization platform
  • ATCA-RT01 Video+Storage Rear Transition Module
  • Compatible with x86 and Oracle SPARC front blades, including PDSi dual AMD Opteron ATCA-F1, Oracle Netra CP3220 (single AMD Opteron) and Oracle Netra CP3260 (UltraSPARC T2)
  • High resolution VGA video output
  • Onboard SAS storage
  • 2 x 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports
  • 1 x Serial port
  • 2 x USB ports
  • VMware-compliant
  • Pigeon Point IPMC management

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