Acalis CPU872 Secure Processor

CPU Technology, Inc.

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The Acalis CPU872 Secure Processor provides unique and unprecedented anti-tamper protection for software and system IP
Acalis CPU872 Secure Processor


  • The CPU872 contains dual high-performance PowerPC 440 and FPU cores, dual embedded DRAMs and numerous other functions
  • The CPU872 also contains intrinsic features that prevent tampering and reverse-engineering to protect valuable intellectual property contained in the software and system
  • Acalis CPU872 Secure Processor
  • Multi-Core Device with Integrated Security Processor and Offload Engines
  • Extensive, Multi-Layered Security to Protect Against Reverse Engineering
  • Targeted for Level 4+
  • Under ATEA assessment
  • Fabbed at IBM Trusted Foundry
  • Acalis Anti-Tamper Applications
  • Secure Anchor Point
  • Secure Communications
  • Supported by Trust-Oriented Design Environment

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