Mercury Systems

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Designed and optimized for high-density processing, high memory bandwidth, and I/O in a single OpenVPX slot within an ISR subsystem


  • Mercury's innovative OpenVPX multi-plane architecture approach creates an extensible architecture that facilitates interoperability among the various subsystem functions
  • The expansion plane, one of the planes in the OpenVPX multi-plane architecture, provides scalable I/O and high-speed communications between the SBC6521 and the rest of the subsystem
  • Scalability and intra-system high-speed communications are crucial elements for the embedded signal and image processing applications required by all ISR subsystems; for example, as part of an ISR subsystem, the SBC6521 supports high-powered XMC mezzanine cards for electronic warfare (EW) applications such as high-speed direction finding and signal jamming
  • The SBC6521 module also serves as the subsystem host for the previously announced GPU-based Ensemble 6000 Series GSC6200; together these modules form the basis for embedded rugged defense surveillance platforms, performing processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED)
  • When augmented with Mercury's the SBC6521 and the GSC6200 products, PED applications can achieve 10-60 times greater performance compared to previous generation systems

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