Ensemble IO Mezzanine IOM-120/140 XMC

Mercury Systems

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The Ensemble™ I/O Mezzanine Series IOM-120 and IOM-140 (IOM-1x0) sFPDP XMC brings enhanced performance and flexibility to external I/O in a Serial RapidIO®-based streaming I/O XMC (Switched Mezzanine Card, VITA 42.2-2006)
Ensemble IO Mezzanine IOM-120/140 XMC


  • Quad- or dual-channel fiber-optic serial Front-Panel Data Port (sFPDP)
  • High levels of speed and connection density
  • Support for all four Front-Panel Data Port(FPDP) data modes
  • Ideal for streaming sensor input or data output
  • Configuration flexibility with two DMA engines per channel (send and receive)
  • Programmable for data distribution without processor intervention

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