Series 5300 3U VPX Software Radio Boards

Pentek, Inc.

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Pentek is offering 14 products in a new family of 3U VPX boards for data acquisition, software radio, and digital signal processing
Series 5300 3U VPX Software Radio Boards


  • Maximum data rates to 4 GB/sec with Gen. 2 PCIe protocol
  • Wide range of 3U VPX compact, rugged COTS solutions
  • Fabric-transparent switch enables high-speed data transfers using popular gigabit protocols
  • VPX to PCI Express adapter connects VPX system to host PC
  • High-speed A/D converters from 105 to 500 MHz with 12- to 16-bit resolution Xilinx Virtex FPGAs
  • D/A converters to 800 MHz with 16-bit resolution
  • Wideband, multiband, and narrowband DDCs (digital downconverters) and DUCs (digital upconverters)
  • Channel counts from 2 to 256
  • Multifrequency clock synthesizers from 20 to 500 MHz

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