eInstrument PC & eInstrument-DAQ Node & eInstrumentPC Atom

Innovative Integration

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eInstrument-PC is a miniature Windows/Linux embedded PC for standalone or distributed instrumentation using ultimate-performance XMC I/O modules
eInstrument PC & eInstrument-DAQ Node & eInstrumentPC Atom


  • It runs all standard Windows/Linux software just like a desktop PC
  • Included is an Intel Penryn Core2 Duo 2 GHz or low-power Celeron
  • eInstrument-DAQ Node is a large variety of ultimate-performance XMC modules housed in a rugged enclosure featuring an ultra-fast Cabled-PCIe carrier position data acquisition near the unit under test without sacrifi cing high-speed connectivity to a host PC
  • It renders software transparent, full electrical isolation for XMC modules
  • eInstrument-PC Atom is a low-power, embedded Windows/Linux PC
  • This user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument supports a wide assortment of low-power and ultimate performance
  • Autonomous signal acquisition, processing and logging
  • Headless, embedded operation
  • Processor options: Core2 Duo at 2.53 GHz, up to 8 GB memory
  • Low-power Atom at 1.6 GHz, up to 2 GB memory
  • Integrated sample clock and triggering for XMC sites
  • Precision GPS option for timing reference
  • Private links between XMC modules supporting>1 GB/s transfers
  • Customizable rear panel I/O includes direct access to XMC modules
  • eInstrument-PC DAQ Node: 1U x 1/4 rack width, continuous streaming up to 200 MB/s cabled PCIe LAN, use with CPEX hub to provide 1:4 expansion to create large channel counts

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