PCI Express X5 & X3 XMC Product Family

Innovative Integration

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The X3 and X5 module families feature high-performance analog and digital I/O on a standard PMC module format with a flexible PCI Express host interface bus
PCI Express X5 & X3 XMC Product Family


  • Virtex-5 FPGA ? SXT or LXT
  • QDR SRAM and DDR2 DRAM memory pools
  • PCI Express, 8 lane interface
  • Analog and digital I/O integrated with FPGA
  • >1 GB/s dedicated secondary host interface
  • Compact IEEE 1386 card format (75x150mm)
  • Integrate into any VITA 42.3 PCI Express system
  • >30 GMACs/s (SX95T) integrated with memory blocks and logic
  • Real-time memory performance to 4 GB/s for FPGA data buffering and computation
  • >1 GB/s transfer rates to host eliminates customhardware requirements

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