Ensemble 6000 Series

Mercury Systems

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Since the days of VME on P1 and P2, Mercury Computer Systems has sought faster ways of moving data around VME systems. And as the creator of the RACE interboard I/O scheme, itís not surprising that Mercury also initiated OpenVPX. Relying on a multiplane, interoperable approach, Mercuryís Ensemble 6000 Series of SBCs and sensor processors is targeted at Electronic Warfare (EW) and ISR applications. The SBC6521 of the series uses a 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 800 MHz FSB and acts as subsystem host for an OpenVPX architecture. High-density processing with high memory bandwidth are the SBCís hallmarks. Memory is 2 GB with ECC, plus 4 GB of NAND flash. There are two GbE ports: one routed to P4 and the control plane and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port routed to the front panel or backplane. There are 2 PMC-X/XMC sites with PCI-X up to 133 MHz, 1x RS-232/422, 3 USB, 2x SATA, and 8x GPIO to the backplane. Since this is OpenVPX, IPMI-A and -B links are on the P0 management plane, Ethernet on the control plane, 4x PCIe to P1 on the data plane, and dual x8 PCIe to the P2 expansion plane. Operating temp is -40 ∞C to +85 ∞C in air-cooled versions, and -40 ∞C to +71 ∞C in conduction-cooled versions. The SBC6521 complements Mercuryís GSC6200 GPGPU-based number-cruncher in Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) applications.
Ensemble 6000 Series


  • 6U OpenVPX dual GPU-based conduction-cooled subsystem
  • This subsystem is currently deployed in an embedded rugged defense surveillance platform, performing processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED)
  • Mercury's scalable ISR subsystem is powered by the Ensemble 6000 Series GSC6200 ? an OpenVPX module powered by GPU technology working in conjunction with Intel-based processing in a conduction-cooled, 6U form factor
  • The subsystem currently delivers performance in the TeraFLOPS range, and the incorporation of GPUs enables the solution to be delivered in an optimized size, weight, and power (SWaP) footprint
  • ?Mercury's innovative packaging technology on the GSC6200 leverages the easy-to-upgrade MxM GPU form factor, which enables customers to rapidly upgrade and deploy the latest and fastest GPUs from ATI or NVIDIA, resulting in even higher performance
  • In addition to the GSC6200, other critical modules and services enabled the successful production of this subsystem
  • Mercury's Services and Systems Integration team combined a multi-vendor hardware and software approach with their expert integration services to create the subsystem
  • The GSC6200 is providing industry-leading processing and exploitation capabilities to enable substantial SWaP improvements and parallel stream computing capabilities

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