Ensemble 2000

Mercury Systems

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One European vendor recently revealed that their robust 1,500 unit MicroTCA backlog demonstrates the marketís keen interest in using Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) COTS boards, but in a smaller and complete rack-mount chassis. Mercury Computerís Ensemble 2000 MicroTCA platform is just such a chassis, incorporating six slots and a built-in system manager function bolted to the backplane to eliminate the need for a separate MCH module. Designed for stand-alone entry-level or multi-chassis systems, the standards-based unit is designed to maximize use of AMC, Ethernet, IPMI, RapidIO, and MicroTCA industry standards. Backplane switches for GbE are built in, and other available communications fabrics include RapidIO, 10 GbE, and PCI Express. Not requiring an MCH module saves a slot, so all six slots can accept AMCs. The chassis can be stacked in a 19" rack, and Ethernet, communications fabrics, and system clock can be daisy-chained across multiple boxes. Mercuryís own AMCs include FPGA and processor cards based upon Xilinx FPGAs, TI DSPs, Freescale PowerQUICC or MPC 8641D, and Intel Penryn processors.
Ensemble 2000


  • Six-slot MicroTCA chassis
  • Six AMC bays with a wide range of fabric and clock options
  • Supports six single-width, mid-height AMCs or a combination of mid/full-height and single/double-width AMCs
  • Gigabit Ethernet base interface
  • Choice of RapidIO, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI Express fabric connectivity
  • Built-in system manager with full MicroTCA Carrier Hub functionality
  • Supports point-to-point connectivity for SATA and SAS interfaces

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