Visure Solutions

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“End-to-end” Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system from LDRA and Visure Solutions


  • Integrates the entire software engineering process, from project management, to requirements management, to architecture, code creation, software configuration, and finally testing
  • Now requirements, for example those for DO-178B, can be found and used dynamically within the system alongside the tangibles from all other project phases, rather than being isolated and located elsewhere
  • Reports on the progression of development and enforces inter-phase development processes
  • LDRA and Visure Solutions estimate that defense and avionics vendors often experience 2x budget overruns, but suggest that Embed-X's one-stop-shop efficiency could yield as much as 50 percent in cost savings
  • Safety-critical requirements tracing is executed via dynamic and static analysis all the way through to testing and verification
  • Compliant with MISRA, security standards including the Homeland Security Agency's Common Weakness Enumerations (CWE) and Cert C, plus safety-critical standards including DO-178B

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